Victim Culture

by Unholy UFO

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Lo and behold, Unholy UFO's loud and grimy rock record finally realized! After a year of playing together as a live power trio, Robert Craven, Robbie Sherman and Cameron Vanover finally pound these tunes through your ears with catchy propulsive hooks and short time spans.


released October 31, 2016

Robert Craven- Lyrics for all material, vocals, guitar, keyboard, trumpets and laughs
Robbie Sherman - Bass
Cameron Vanover- Drums

Robert Craven and Robbie Sherman together wrote Table of Blow, and Robbie helped rewrite the chord structure to Chelsea of Maiden Hair.



all rights reserved


Unholy UFO Salem, Indiana

Unholy UFO is a project name that is given to all the musical works of Robert Craven. Unholy UFO has no mercy when it comes to fidelity or instrumentation, instead leaning more on melody and song writing wordplay. The main genre that can be used to describe this is bedroom lo fi pop, an abrasive sound I embrace. ... more

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Track Name: Jar of Molars
Its been one lie that I've been living
Asking for my sins to be forgiven
But I know, that I won't change
I've come this far, and for now I accept it

Look at me! I'm flesh and blood
Fragile, go ahead and disconnect my spine
Cause I know you, and it's on your mind
Yes it's true! My bodies a prison, dust and resin

I'm dying but I'm not yet dead
I still got incisors in my head
My mother hid the rest in safe keeping
My mother hid my jar of molars

Go ahead and taunt me with mortality
I know about it all in the dentist chair
I know its scary but trust me when I say
It's not that bad, it's not that scary, I promise you
Track Name: I Don't Believe in Cameras
I don't believe in cameras
I've seen what they do in magazines
Persuasion, an illusion, clinging my eyes a scene that
Sirens sing of, stuff your ears

She appears in my life only in a cameo
A reflecting example of her broken will
Will I ever see the end of every tunnel, pipedream?
Who are you judge you fickle crowd?

She's coming up for air as if I don't even care
What she has given me that proves relatively
That what I see is even real
That my senses aren't numbed, is this even real?
Track Name: Baked Astronauts
We're the baked astronauts
High as hell
In the sky
Wish us well!

Your tax dollars pay for us
An empty shuttle bus
We count the stars
But what if we made the numbers up?

We are the lazy heros
But you respect us
Wish you were us
Wish you were a baked astronaut

So we can go higher
Shooting smoke out the tanks
We do all the sky pranks
The Baked Astronauts
Track Name: Chelsea of Maiden Hair
Chelsea of Maiden Hair
Swinging hips and sinful glare
I know you are sincere

Cannot communicate why you've been out so late
I told you I'm all ears

I hear your siren song
You listen to my blues
I look down at your eyes
You look down at my shoes

So innocent and free
I don't think I agree
A product of design

Chelsea of Maiden Hair
Swinging hips and sinful glare
I know it is your time

Your time to clock out and
Retire to sheets so clean
Tomorrow is another day
To stare blankly at the screen

So innocent and free
I don't think I agree
A product of design
Chelsea of Maiden Hair
Swinging hips and sinful glare
I know it is your time
Track Name: Tell Me
Tell me what I want
And tell me that its all better
I know that its not alright
But convince me for now

And if you can't
Try to make me forget
Lets all go out and drink
Till we numb the pain again

I don't know what is wrong
Every time I look in the mirror
I see bags under my eyes
From staring at the ceiling

What was I feeling, something deep?
Something that you shouldn't have to worry about

Tell me where the pills are
And tell me how many is too many
I'll try to avoid that number
I just want something inbetween
Track Name: Comfortable Living
Hole in the roof
Bread on the table
I leave the keys there
And I rest

Do my taxes
Drink lite beer
Watch the sun as it sets
In the west

A comfortable living will be the death of me
A comfortable living has ruined me
Track Name: Ramses For President
I'm running on an old campaign
I'll bring back old standards of law
Your system is flawed
It's flimsy like reeds and straw

Ramses for President
Sign yes on the reed
You're in need of a new makeover
Ramses for President
Vote for the lesser evil
And watch his politics take over

And we won't build walls
Instead we'll build pyramids
And we'll adopt the pets as our kids
And make them the new gods

And Ramses doesn't care what bathroom that you prefer to use
He just want's you to pay
You're taxes and union dues
And he wants you to build a moat around the pyramids
To protect you and me
From his estates and fortunes
Track Name: Table of Gold
I've laid out a table of gold
These games you play do get old
We can talk man to man
Yet you play the victim again

Always blame me, always frame me, make me look like a bad guy
Every minute, closer to a fight, every moment no end in sight

I don't know where to begin
I feel like i always give in
But I'm going to lay my foot down
Stop slandering my name around town

You have an easy life
No kids you're my stay at home wife
I make the money you sit there
Playing games on your stupid phone

I don't mean to be on your case
Just don't lie to my face
We can try and work things out
Don't you sit, don't you pout
Track Name: 15 Minutes of Fame
What would you do
With your 15 minutes of fame?
Wave at the camera
To the folks back home

A quick and brief burst
They call you a shooting star
Walking through the streets
Giving away brand new cars

What will you do
With your 15 minutes of shame
Point fingers at everyone
Blame daddy for your pursuit of fame

What will you do
To restore your narcissistic fame?
Shake oil hungry barons hands?
Cheesy grins on milk cartons?
Track Name: Emily's Rosewater Painting
Emily's rosewater painting
6 stokes a genius
10 hours of strenuous
Meticulous brilliance

All I see
A noteworthy
Blank and transformed canvas
Shes a tempting seamstress

Are coming in
For cheaper days at
College Inn

She's waiting for a blessing
8 strokes a minute
A house full of paintings
A gallery for no one

Her dream boat
Has sailed in
No more days at
College Inn
Track Name: Hair Down Joan
Please for all the days you'll be old
Try to be young today
You beautiful lady
Don't let tradition hold you down!

And you can still wear your cross
And you can let you hair down Joan

And one day when you wake up
Let it be around noon
I'll help you clean your room
And I'll call work to let them know

And one day when your hair turns to silver
Let your memories never tarnish
Of when I made you my first
And we left your mothers house
Track Name: End of Film
End of film
Popcorn on floor
You leave me now
But does the message still stick adhesively ?

Ten years gone
Now on a bike
Alone in the road now you think
Have you changed?

End of scene
Flowers are dying
Now its you and your words
And they can never harm you