Radical Jams for Vampire

by Unholy UFO

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released April 8, 2016

Robert Craven- vocals, guitar, effects
Robbie Sherman- Bass
Cameron Vanover- Drums

Studio mastering and production assistance-Robert Craven/Jason Nunnley

Photography- Macie Kalb of KalbKaptures

All songs written by Robert Craven except Leaves Are Gone- Robert Craven/Robbie Sherman



all rights reserved


Unholy UFO Salem, Indiana

Unholy UFO is a project name that is given to all the musical works of Robert Craven. Unholy UFO has no mercy when it comes to fidelity or instrumentation, instead leaning more on melody and song writing wordplay. The main genre that can be used to describe this is bedroom lo fi pop, an abrasive sound I embrace. ... more

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Track Name: She's A Boy!
She's a boy!
It's a modern thing
I don't think she cares
About your stares

Or maybe Julius
Says she'll meet you there
Beneath the stairs

And wait!
For proper instructions
This is a new set of rules
For you to aspire to

Please, don't beat her
Why are you offended when children go hungry and
Their daddies aren't there
To brush and comb their hair
I think that you might have ruined my country

Was her name
She comes in peace
But not in pieces
So fragile
They might melt in hands
And I'll adjust my plans
And reciprocate all that sustains you
Within reason I will try
To not be that guy
I wont demand a photo to get off to

I promise I
Will meet you in public
Around my friends!
Track Name: Analyze
Often times when I'm alone
I count my days
Each one with you
Is a blessing to me

I've been here before
Plenty of times
Just to get pushed down
Just to get back up

Even if you leave me now
I could stand up on my own
You try to act like I can't
But I've done this before

No matter my age
I have had problems like these
Though I love you girl
You should understand

Often times when I'm with you
I spend more money than I need to
It may feel like fun for now
But we're still just as poor

I'm not trying to be hard on you girl
I'm just trying to tell you
Use your pretty eyes
To this situation analyze
Track Name: Leaves Are Gone
Leaves are gone
Frost is here
Tulips removed
Blue sky clear

She gave a ring
Maybe a promise
she stays the king
Stays so pompous

Where am I?
A field of grain
Far from my steps
I'm far from Spain
Track Name: Radical Life for Lydia
Is a charlatan
Her graven image
She worships
In front of her mirror

Steps down stairs
And she finds a set of keys
To a destination she seeks
For a mysterious man

She meets him
He cloaks her drink
The innocence stolen
but she never had it

Please wake up
Your cards have vanished
And you're playing with no dice
And your cars been towed away

She walks
Through the corridor
the world see what she is
This lady of the night
Wrapped torso
In white satin

The cops came
A silence
We're all witnesses
But to what?
A voice in the crowd
Made himself known

I could have given you rings
Maybe even promises
Flowers in your hair
I could have took care of you
If you wanted to
But now we are one hundred miles apart
You sing your blues
And this is our swan song
Track Name: Burning Bridges
So I 'spose this is it?
Burning bridges of in the sunset
I hope you never forget
Where your heart lies

One day you will be alone
Phone ringing in home
It will be me
One last time

So you build your walls
And I have built my own
You burn your bridges
And I'll import my own